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Community Award Program 2019 di Gilead Sciences

In the process of health promotion is fundamental to activate students on topics delivered by teachers or experts. It is necessary a transition from information to the development of skills that will allow anyone to be co-promoter of information and sensitization.

The project wants to start paths of thinking and knowledge on HIV/AIDS in the high schools of the Bergamo province that will lead to the production of artistic elaborates with messages linked to prevention and fight to stigma so to sensitize either peers and grown ups.

The object is to implement actions about information, sensitization and formation that starting from young students would amplify their effects on the whole population of the province so to contribute to obtain the goals of the Fast track city initiative.

The basic message will be that it is not relevant to know who got HIV, but to know how HIV can spread and be transmitted and the key role that a widespread use of HIV testing may have to limit the epidemics. In the mainframe of this picture a relevant aspect will be the fight against stigma, enhancing the concept of U=U (undetectable = untrasmittable).

Starting from the work with the high school students, through the valorization of their art elaborates, we will launch a public campaign that will spread messages about infection prevention, wise use of tests, and fight to stigma. At the same time we will spread to the community information on how and when access HIV tests either in institutional sites as well as in unconventional community-based venues or at the community check-point.

Phases of the project

The project flows through five phases:

1) Formation. At the participating schools a series of formative meetings will be proposed. Experts will meet students along with their teachers.

2) Activation. Teachers and students will re-elaborate the information delivered by experts either individually or as groups or classes with the goal to develop art elaborates.

3) Restitution. Experts will return to schools to receive the elaborates from students and to organize, within school moments of re-thinking and presentation of the elaborates

4) Prizegiving. A judging commission from the FTCI initiative will prize the best elaborates.

5) Diffusion. Winning elaborates will be used further work on students (migrant exhibition) and to launch a campaign within the Municipality aimed to sensitize citizens on the HIV/AIDS topics and to offer rapid test in different settings and occasions.